Fumigation is a method of disinsection in which the application of gas in the atmosphere of an enclosed space, will achieve a ‘point zero’ in the goods and eliminate all stages of the insects development (eggs, larvae, adults).

Marine Fumigation

We perform fumigation services, including cargoes treatment loaded in seagoing ships, barges, silos or containers, ports and logistics centers throughout France.

According to discharging ports and countries, the goods are subject to different quarantine standards which require different methods of fumigation.

Our expertise allows us to advise an effective solution regarding: concentration, exposure duration and the most suitable treatment.

7,000,000 tons /year fumigated by SEREC France

The status of Imfo Member gives us access to the international network as well as to pooled expertise enabling to offer a “port to port” service. Our Imfo representative will be present at the port of destination to ensure the gas free in conformity and to confirm the free circulation of the goods.


Degassing is an essential step in the transport of goods, in order to guarantee safe unloading for all operators (ports, on-board crew and technicians) standing near the fumigated area.

All our operators are certified and use the appropriate equipment as per performed treatment and do ensure degassing within optimal safety conditions. Depending on the origin of the goods and the fumigation method used, we make recommendations as regards to the ventilation to be carried out.
Intervention de Fumigation en cours